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Students Sfc5

What makes Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School unique? In a single word, it is family. A large percentage of our staff graduated from SFC. Many of our students have parents who attended our school. There is a long history and connection to SFC and the community. I personally have been a teacher and administrator at SFC for over 20 years. It is that family feel that draws so many of us back to this special community.

The aim of Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School is to take place alongside our families as partners in learning, praying, and serving others. Our students challenge themselves to reach new levels of knowledge by exploring their creativity, unleashing their curiosity, and expanding their critical thinking skills. Differentiated instruction in all academic areas allows for students to be able to achieve at their own level. We offer hands-on, discovery-based learning in science, math, and art.

Prayer is an integral part of our daily lives at SFC. As a part of their faith journey, our students actively participate in weekly Mass, pray together as a community daily, and support each other in the process of sacramental preparation. We strive to model our lives on Gospel values and the teachings of St. Dominic. As a school, we seek to provide service to those in need. Our students understand that they have a commitment to answer the call of our Lord to selflessly serve others.

We would love to have the chance to share the "Good News" of Saint Frances Cabrini Catholic School with you. Please contact us for a personal tour.

God bless,

Mrs. Ronda Clark